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Paramount+ Will Release a New Movie Every Week of 2022 – Review Geek

The Paramount+ website banner.

Paramount+ will try to release a new original movie every week of 2022, according to ViacomCBS CEO Bob Bakish. The platform also plans to start a “Mountain of Movies” initiative to fill out its library, starting with the release of Infinite (a movie originally intended for theaters) in June.

The new Paramount+ strategy takes a cue from Warner Bros (HBO Max), which was one of the first corporations to pivot its theatrical releases to a streaming service. It also mimics Netflix’s “a film a week” plan for 2021.

After Paramount kicks off its “Mountain of Movies” initiative with the release of Infinite, it will add films like The Avengers: Skyfall and Rocketman to its roster. The highly-anticipated A Quiet Place Part II will also land on Paramount+ 45 days after its theatrical Memorial Day weekend release.

News of Paramount+’s movie avalanche came during a Q1 earnings call, where CEO Bob Bakish discussed increased streaming profits and future plans for Paramount+. While you might assume that the fledgling Paramount+ isn’t making much money yet, ViacomCBS reports $816 million in streaming-related revenue, a 65% increase from Q1 2020.

While much of this money comes from Pluto TV, it’s easy to see why ViacomCBS is hyping up Paramount+ to its investors. It seems that the new service is already outdoing CBS All Access, the platform that it replaced. But only time will tell if this expensive “Mountain of Movies” strategy pays off.

Source: ViacomCBS via Cord Cutters News

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Lenovo Shows Off Its New Android Tablet With HDMI Input for External Devices – Review Geek

A Lenovo tablet with HDMI input.

Lenovo just announced a Yoga tablet with HDMI input on Weibo, a Chinese social media platform. Like a portable monitor, the new tablet could serve as a second screen for your laptop or help you play consoles games on the go.

But details on the tablet are basically non-existent. Lenovo’s Weibo post is short and sweet, and contains just one photo of the tablet playing Mario Kart from a Nintendo Switch console. Still, this is probably the “Lenovo Yoga X” tablet seen in leaked documents last year.

Here’s Lenovo’s Weibo post in broken English courtesy of Google Translate:

Ta can also play games🎮
Support HDMI in game console laptop screen easy access
Easy to carry, easy to expand, good companion for daily entertainment [Glutton Emoji]
#YOGA2021##YOGA质量人生##LenovoYOGA Tablet#

Some outlets report that this may be an external display, not a tablet. But Lenovo clearly calls this device a tablet in its Weibo post (#YOGA平板). It also sports a design that’s typical of Yoga tablets, with a thick cylindrical base and built-in kickstand.

That said, the lack of details in Lenovo’s announcement leaves us wondering when it will be released and how much it will cost. We also don’t know if it will launch outside of China.

Source: Lenovo via XDA Developers

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Slap A Wallet on Your iPhone 12 with Otterbox’s New MagSafe Options – Review Geek


OtterBox has added two new additions to its line of MagSafe iPhone accessories. There’s the standalone OtterBox Wallet for MagSafe, for streamlined card and cash storage, and the Folio for MagSafe, which offers storage as well as screen protection.

The Wallet for MagSafe offers two ID slots and room to store cash and shields your cards from magnetic damage. It’ll work on all iPhone 12 devices, and can even attack through Otterbox’s MagSafe cases, like the Figura, Aneu, or Symmetry models. It’s made of soft-touch synthetic leather and looks more rugged than Apple’s leather wallet option, and its strong magnets will remain attached and aligned on the back of your iPhone.

The Folio for MagSafe is a wallet-style case made with the same synthetic leather as the Wallet for MagSafe. It features three card slots, along with space for cash, and wraps around your phone to keep your iPhone’s screen protected. The Folio stays closed when you’re not on your phone, thanks to the strong magnetic latch, and you can even use it in tandem with compatible OtterBox cases.

Both of OtterBox’s new designs have a simple all-black design that looks clean and stylish. Although they are both a bit pricey—that’s $39.95 for the wallet and $49.95 for the folio—they do cost less than Apple’s leather wallet so they’re a terrific alternative.

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