Hi! My name’s Carrie and this is my site – Dark Horse Gaming.

Carrie, Dark Horse

I love everything to do with video games, and pretty much anything geeky. My friends would call me a gamer and a bookworm.

I work full time as a graphic designer and absolutely love my job. I do a variety of design work for a local design firm who takes on small to medium size businesses. I work with a great team and we have a great office culture which I’m really blessed to be a part of.

I do everything from logos to brochures, annual reports, website designs, posters, and more.

When I’m not designing, I like to play and watch video games on Twitch. My first video game I remember playing was Super Mario Bros on the original Nintendo. My whole family was hooked. My parents would even let my brothers and I stay up late and play if we were close to beating a level on a school night. We’d also have friends over or go to theirs and pack up the console and play there too.

I also played the original Castlevania and the rest of the Mario games on Super Nintendo, N64, and the Wii. I love racing games too and was always the best at Mario Kart. Now I’m really into Fortnite, League of Legends, and World of Warcraft.

For boardgames I like to play chess, crib, and Settlers of Catan when we have a group of people together.

When I’m not gaming I also enjoy hiking and listening to music. I really enjoy music of all kinds, but mostly punk and rock. Most of my coworkers all play instruments and sometimes I’ll go hang out and watch them jam.

They’ve even inspired me to learn guitar which I’m just starting out with! So far I really like it, but it’s really tough! I think learning music activates a different part of your brain and is a different type of challenge. Currently I’m just learning the notes, and getting faster at switching between them. Soon I hope to be able to jam with my friends at work and not just watch anymore, although they do put on a great show. I am their number one cheerleader.

My goal for this site is to bring you all things geeky and gadgety that are trending for this year. Pick up something for yourself, or browse a variety of products to buy as gifts for the nerd in your life.

I hope you enjoy, thanks for stopping by!