We found a few awesome things from NEWAGE Preformance

Hooray! we are proud to showcase a number of great products. There are a few items in NEWAGE Preformance worth featuring today, so let ‘s get to the list ASAP!

The first product on the list..

Basic Gym Gear Bundle

Fundamental Gym Gear Bundle Includes:

– x1 Typhoon V2 Shaker Bottle

  • Typhoon 24oz Shaker Bottle with a detachable base compartment.
  • Made from high thickness BPA free, leak-proof synthetic with patent pending turbo strainer to mix your beverage powders efficiently and store your Age Mouthware into the detachable base instance.


– x1 Performance Towel

  • Incredibly soft 13” x 21.5” gymnasium size performance towel with reactive-dye neon green modern age logo.


– x1 Liquid Chalk

  • Liquid hold enhancer which allows superior grip over regular chalk. 

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Our 2nd item on the list today is Power Jug & Case 🤡

  • The World’s largest, many modern hydration container & mouthware owner. Carry 3 items of your preferred mouthware and a complete days water supply with you at all times.
  • Improved design and EXTRA DURABLE! 
  • 2.2L water jug with dimension indicators in the side. 
  • Shaker design Typhoon lid – with new tighter fitting locking flip-cap.

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