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Whisper’s AI Hearing Aid Adds Support for 5 Android Phones – Review Geek

The Whisper Hearing System.

Whisper’s AI-powered Hearing System, which dynamically adjusts to environments and makes conversations clearer, now works with 5 of the most popular Android phones. This opens the door to wireless phone calls through the Whisper hearing aid, a feature that was once an iPhone exclusive.

The Whisper Hearing System is an AI-powered hearing aid that constantly “learns” to improve itself. It can help make conversations clearer in any setting, and unlike other hearing aids, only costs $180 a month (or $140 a month with a special introductory offer).

Future updates will allow the Whisper Hearing System to work with more Android phones, but for now, Whisper is just adding support for 5 popular options; the Samsung Galaxy S9, S10, and Note 10, plus the Google Pixel 3 and 4. (Other models within these product families, like the Galaxy S9+ and Pixel 4a, remain unsupported.)

Unfortunately, this update does not include a Whisper Android app, though an Android app is currently in development. Those using iOS still get the best experience from their Whipser Hearing System, it seems.

You can learn more about Whisper and sign up for a trial at the company’s website. Whisper says that its hearing aids have a 3-year loss and damage warranty, though terms last for 36 months.

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How to Hide the Audio Icon in a Microsoft PowerPoint Slideshow

Microsoft PowerPoint logo

When you add audio to your Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, you might set it to play automatically or in the background. You might not need to see the sound icon in these cases, so why not hide it?

You can easily hide the audio icon during your PowerPoint slideshow if you don’t plan to use it. And you can do this in the desktop version of PowerPoint on Windows and Mac as well as in PowerPoint on the web.

Hide the Audio Icon in PowerPoint on Your Desktop

Whether you use Microsoft PowerPoint on Windows or Mac, the steps to hide the audio icon are the same.

So, open your presentation, choose the slide, and click the sound icon to select it. Then, go to the Playback tab that appears.

Note: If you don’t see the Playback tab, make sure that you’ve selected the sound icon.

Check the box for “Hide During Show” in the Audio Options section of the ribbon.

Check the box for Hide During Show

Hide the Audio Icon in PowerPoint on the Web

You can hide the sound icon in your presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint online just as easily. First, click the icon to select it, and then go to the Audio tab that displays.

Note: If you don’t see the Audio tab, make sure that you’ve selected the sound icon.

Click “Audio Options” to display the drop-down list, and then check the box for “Hide During Show.”

Click Audio Options and choose Hide During Show

Be sure to check out how to pause audio during your PowerPoint presentation, both with and without the sound icon.

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eBay Now Accepts Apple Pay in Safari Browser – Review Geek

Apple Pay on eBay's desktop website.
Andrew Heinzman

Apple Pay just joined PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, and others as an accepted payment method on the eBay desktop website. Of course, this feature only works if you’re using the Safari browser—sorry, Chrome and Firefox users.

Although eBay has long accepted Apple Pay in its iOS and iPadOS apps, this marks the first time that you can use Apple Pay while shopping on the eBay desktop website. It’s a big improvement for Mac users, though you can also use Apple Pay when accessing eBay through the Safari app on iPhone or iPad.

Funny enough, eBay first announced Apple Pay support back in 2018 as part of its transition away from PayPal. The company started by offering Apple Pay support to select users but didn’t really do much with the feature until now. For what it’s worth, eBay said that 2021 was the deadline for Apple Pay support, and we’re still stuck in 2021!

Fans of Apple Pay will enjoy several new features this year, including an updated iOS 15 Wallet that can hold hotel keycards and government ID. If you’ve mostly avoided Apple Pay, now’s a good time to give it a test drive.

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